Navigating the new design

About a month ago, I switched the design of the website to make it look cleaner. Unfortunately, this is the first time I’ve had time to write about it to explain a few things. With it I had to consolidate the side bars. For those that haven’t noticed on the left side of the website toward the top there are two tabs. The second tab if you click on it will get you to other types of information that you are used to such as the search function, joining the website by email, monthly archives, categories for each post, an RSS, as well as more mundane stuff like a notice about how the website is a personal project, my email for translation service, and the copyright notice. I’m sure many have discovered this tab, but thought just in case it was confusing I’d let everyone know. Also, both tabs you can scroll down to see all of the content. I’ll keep this post as a sticky at the top of my website for about a week. Other than that, apologies about not updating the site much over the past four months, I have been traveling for work and just haven’t had the time. I hope to still backdate everything, but that could take months since it would be during my free time. Either way, the site should be back to it’s regularly scheduled posts now.