New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding Peace Talk Rumors and Chinese Mediation"

The media has recently been circulating rumors about peace talks between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and the Kabul administration with the mediation of China taking as evidence a recent trip to China by a delegation of the Islamic Emirate.
It must be stated that the Islamic Emirate has always had links with world, regional and especially neighboring countries, carries out trips every now and then as needs arise and the neighboring China is also a country amongst this group. The Islamic Emirate will continue these trips to neighboring and world countries including China for visits, forging and expanding relations and shedding light on its policies.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has wanted and continues to want good and beneficial relations with regional and especially its neighboring countries. As far as mediation regarding peace talks is concerned then the Islamic Emirate is still firm on its previous stance and has not traveled to any country for it to act as a mediator for peace talks and neither has is responded positively to requests of mediation by the said country. Therefore the rumors swirling around the media have no bases.
It should be mentioned that many countries, due to their concern for the Afghan people and the Islamic Emirate, have proposed to the Islamic Emirate that they are prepared to lend all types of service to help solve the problems of the country.
The Islamic Emirate respects the efforts of all concerned parties in this regard however it has not yet decided on a new course of action. Whenever it does decide on a new policy regarding this issue, it will definitely inform its nation and the world.
Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan
07/04/1436 Hijri Lunar
07/10/1393 Hijri Solar                                    27/01/2015 Gregorian