Weekly Eye on ISIS in Libya Update – June 27, 2016

ISIS In Action
The GNA’s Misratan-led Bunyan Marsus operations room launched a massive ground assault on 21 June in an attempt to capture the centre of Sirte. However, ISIS snipers and IED’s repeatedly dealt Bunyan Marsus significant losses throughout the week. Most of the fighting occurred in the area known as “700 district” in southeastern sector of central Sirte, and less than a few kilometres from the Ibn Sina hospital and Ouagadougou complex, ISIS’s base of operations. Bunyan Marsus managed to take control of an ISIS bomb factory, and is now laying siege to the city, with regular airstrikes and artillery shelling of key ISIS positions. At this time, Bunyan Marsus commanders estimate only 500-700 ISIS fighters remain in the city, contrary to higher estimates by the CIA and other foreign military sources.
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