Articles of the Week – 11/14-11/20

Sunday November 15:

When Terrorists Plotted a Texas Jailbreak and Other Stories We Almost Missed – Seamus Hughes, Bennett Clifford, and Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, The Daily Beast:

Monday November 16:

Online Terrorist Content: Is it Time for an Independent Regulator? – Patrick Bishop and Stuart Macdonald, GNET:

Tuesday November 17:

Analyzing Interviews with Terrorists – John F. Morrison, Resolve Network:

Strategic communications: The Pakistan military’s use of social media against terrorism – Muhammad Khalil Khan and Cornelius B Pratt, Media, War & Conflict:

Counter‐terrorism policies in the Middle East: Why democracy has failed to reduce terrorism in the Middle East and why protecting human rights might be more successful – Nancy A. Morris, Gary LaFree, and Eray Karlidag, Criminology and Public Policy:

Wednesday November 18:

The End of the Sahelian Exception: Al-Qaeda and Islamic State Clash in Central Mali – Edoardo Baldaro and Yida Seydou Diall, The International Spectator:
Governance, Fragility and Insurgency in the Sahel: A Hybrid Political Order in the Making – Morten Bøås and Francesco Strazzari, The International Spectator:
The Islamic State’s Global Insurgency and its Counterstrategy Implications – Haroro J. Ingram, Craig Whiteside, and Charlie Winter, ICCT:
Funding in Place: Local Financing Trends Behind Today’s Global Terrorist Threat – Katherine Bauer and Matthew Levitt, ICCT:
Thursday November 19:
The Truth Is Out There: The Prevalence of Conspiracy Theory Use by Radical Violent Extremist Organizations – Gregory J. Rousis, F. Dan Richard, and Dong-Yuan Debbie Wang, Terrorism and Political Violence:
Friday November 20:
Outlasting the Caliphate: The Evolution of the Islamic State Threat in Africa – Jason Warner, Ryan O’Farrell, Héni Nsaibia, and Ryan Cummings, CTC
Al-Qaeda’s Leaders Are Dying, But a Greater Challenge Looms – Charles Lister, Jihadica: