New video release by the Islamic State of Iraq (al-Qā’idah in Iraq): "Battle of the Prisoner 2"

UPDATE: A transcript of the video has been released:
Transcript of AQI Battle of the Prisoner 2
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NOTE: For more background, IbnSiqilli tweeted the following messages two days ago about the upcoming release:

New video will be Al-Furqan’s 1st video since the mid-April killings of the former ISI leaders, Abu ‘Umar al-Baghdadi & Abu Hamza al-Muhajir
The video will document the Islamic State of Iraq’s October 25 attack on Iraq gov’t buildings & ministries in Baghdad:
The multiple October 25, 2009 attacks were the second “wave” in the Islamic State of Iraq’s “Ghazwat al-Asir”, “Expedition of the Prisoner”
Al-Furqan Media released a video in late March documenting the 1st wave of “Expedition” attacks Aug. 19, 2009: (YouT)