New statement from the Amīr of The Caucasus Emirate Dokku Umarov: "Brief Comment on the Issue of the State Language of the Caucasus Emirate"

NOTE: The Caucasus Emirate’s media mouthpiece the Kavkaz Center discussed the issue of the official language of the Caucasus Emirate back in November too.

I want to stress again the importance of this issue. We should weigh all the pros and cons, and carefully examine the prospects of a solution, since this question is of strategic importance for the peoples of the Caucasus and our state.
There are advantages in the choice of Ottoman or Arabic language. The Arabic language is the language of the Holy Quran, the native language of Islam and its study is both necessity and obligation for the Muslims.
The Ottoman language is the language of the Ottoman Caliphate, which in 600 years of its existence had an enormous influence on the Caucasus, the Caucasian languages and the culture of our peoples.
For many centuries, the Ottoman Caliphate was the mainstay of the Islamic Ummah and Caucasian Muslims, and it left a deep mark on the consciousness of our peoples.
In our choice, we must take into account all the nuances of today’s situation, both in the Caucasus and the situation in the world which entered into a period of global instability and change.
Therefore, we must take into account not only cultural priorities, but also historical perspectives and political aspects in the light of rapidly changing political configurations in the geographic regions that are important for us.
I think that the discussion on the state language of the Caucasus Emirate should be expanded; suggestions, comments, and arguments must be systematically and carefully analyzed.
We have no doubt in our victory, and so today we must prepare for the arrangement of our state, as Allah commands. And Allah is sufficient for us as a protector, and He’s the best of the protectors!
I ask Allah, praise Him, the Most High, to forgive us our sins and mistakes that were made voluntary or involuntary, and ask Him to instruct us on the right path. He is One Knowledgeable and Experienced.
Allahu Akbar!