New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "On the Occasion of the 22nd Anniversary of the Red Army Withdrawal from Afghanistan"

On February 15, 1989, the invading forces of the former Soviet Union fled Afghanistan. However, to begin with, the invading army had not entered Afghanistan to face defeat vis-à-vis the resistance and   jihad of the empty-handed Afghans and
eventually  have to pull out of Afghanistan humiliatingly. The Islamic jihad and resistance of the Afghan Mujahid nation compelled the colonialist army not only to withdraw from Afghanistan, being defeated but caused their Red Empire under the name of the former Soviet Union collapse, rendering  the communist atheist ideology futile at world level.
Initially, the invading Soviets were wallowing in their intoxication, riding on  the  waves of conceit of their military might.  They occupied Afghanistan  to use it as a springboard for reaching  the Indian Pacific Ocean like what the invading Americans are doing now. But before  reaching  the Indian Ocean, they themselves drowned in the ocean of the blood and sacrifices of the Afghan Mujahid people. Waves of this hurricane of the ocean of blood  shattered down the skyscrapers in the heart of Kremlin, crumbling it  to prolong its  era of superiority. The invading Soviets like the Americans of today were hankering after extending their domination over the whole region through occupation of Afghanistan but due to the help of the Almighty Allah and as the result of the jihad and sacrifices of the Afghans,  not only they failed to prolong the occupation of Afghanistan but lost control of all their occupied republics of central Asia. Their dominance over the Eastern Europe came to an end and the Warsaw Pact was dissolved.
The Russians came around to know after a decade-long occupation of Afghanistan that arm-twisting with the brave Afghans is tantamount to annihilating oneself. Nothing  more than that, it  will yield. So they concluded that the Geneva Accords were a good pretext to withdraw their defeated troops. They pulled their morale-sagging troops out of Afghanistan disgracefully and humiliatingly. Today, another arrogant empire has occupied the same Afghanistan by dent of their invading troops and the Afghan Mujahid nation  is once again engaged in combat against the invading Americans and their coalition forces, i.e. NATO. The era of current resistance has almost completed ten years. The world community concedes that the invading Americans and their allies are now facing the same moribund situation  that their predecessor, the invading Soviets,  were facing. Their showdown of muscles has proved in vain;  they have lost their war spirit;  tens of thousands of their troops have been either killed or wounded;  their economic expenditures have broken their spine bone and strongholds of Jihad and resistance against the invaders  have sprang up all over Afghanistan.
The Americans had thought that they would occupy  central Asia and the entire region by means of occupying Afghanistan but Afghanistan by its very nature,  is not a country to give itself to occupation so smoothly. Previously, the Britons had stepped over this land with the same covetous fantasy but instead of stabilizing their occupation of Afghanistan,  they themselves ended up losing their great empire at the hands of the Afghans. Genghis Khan and Alexander had tested the strength of the Afghans’ warfare. Now the American empire is hovering over the edge of collapse. If they intend to prolong the occupation of Afghanistan and the sufferings of the Afghans because of their imbecility, they will face the fate of the Soviets and Britons which occurred in the past century.  But if they put to use their rationale rather than being bent on stubborn stupidity and put an end to this tragedy by bringing to a close the occupation of Afghanistan and withdraw their forces unconditionally,  then they will not only save themselves but will eradicate the factors of insecurity in the whole region.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, while celebrating the victory of the legitimate Jihad  of the Afghan Muslim nation against the invading Red Army and  marking the 22nd anniversary of the withdrawal of the Red army from the country, once more  re-affirms the need for continuation of the legitimate Islamic Jihad against the invading Americans and deem it an effective mean for the ouster of the invaders.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan