Shamūkh al-Islām Arabic Forum features new article from online jihādī Abū Usāmah al-Kūbī [Cuban]: "America: Truce or Overthrow"

UPDATE 4/19 9:22 AM: Here is an English translation of the below message from Dār al-Murābiṭīn Publications:

In the name of Allah the most gracious, the most mercifulPraise is to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds and peace and blessings of Allah on the truthful and trustworthy, and on his family and companions.
To proceed
The countdown to the ceasefire began with the American declaration of its withdrawal from Afghanistan the next year. It tried to hasten its withdrawal in the shade of the national uprisings but Europe was defiant in the matter and forced it to get involved against the danger of the grandsons of Umar Al Mukhtar that is closer to Europe and which has started representing the first danger on Europe and the West due to the closeness of lofty Algeria from the area of the conflict in which various kinds of weapons are available in abundance.
And this is what has made America leave its interests in the Gulf in spite of what is happening in Bahrain which hosts the largest American base in the area, and what is happening on its grounds of the Rafidi uprising who they portray to be the enemies of America while actually they are allies and then instead of it, the Saudi puppet moved to cover the gap of America at a time which is supposed to be the most crucial in the rule of the family of Saud and that is the time before their fall by the will of Allah
And this gives clear indications that the security situation in Europe is important to America in the highest degree, instead it gives it precedence over its own external interests example the oil of the gulf, and had it not been for the financial, political and military support of Europe to America, then America would not have been capable of staying in Afghanistan until now
And if the ‘lone lion’s’ jihad is setup now in Europe then America will fall before the end of the year by the will of Allah, and then its accepting the ceasefire will be of no use
Also, the Arabian peninsula and Yemen specifically, have started equaling Libya in danger on Europe in fact on the whole world, and this is what has made America withdraw from Libya and look at Yemen extensively and is forcing its embassy in Sanaa to contain the protests and speed the end of the situation and transfer the rule to the new agents, through who they want to console the nation.
For al Qaida has become the first substitute by the will of Allah and especially from the south to Sa’dah
And this is the front that will make America fall by the help of Allah, wherein, the incapacity of the Pentagon this year is a hundred million dollars and it will be forced to enter this front and it is the final trap, Allah willing.
And it pushed its agent Saudi, to Aden so that it becomes its substitute on the land and they occupy the air with their aircraft and this proves the military and financial weakness of America and these two components are the components of power and success.
And if Iran starts the war on Saudi Arabia, then Saudi Arabia will withdraw from Aden and leave America alone and they will also withdraw from Bahrain on the soil of which, Saudi Arabia wants to finalize the war with the Rafidah.
And America wants to break Saudi Arabia along with it so that it is easy for Iran and its allies in the region to destroy Saudi Arabia quickly before there is an organized Jihadi assembly on the land of the two Holy Sanctuaries that aids the Jihad in Yemen and Iraq and Somalia and this is the great danger on America and the West but they will suffer it forcefully.
And what is our role, we, the allies of Jihad and the Mujahedeen?
First: Intensifying the call to Jihad and inciting people to it.
Second: Clarifying the false flags and warning people against them and specially the youth of jihad so that what happened to some of those who appear being connected to jihad in Yemen like Abu Asim alAhdal and others who went together to who is known as the Participant “Mushtarik” who is gathering the thrown out, outcasts from the democratic brotherhood members calling for rectification in Yemen and with them the Huwaithis and others from the people of falsehood and this is because of their ignorance of Tawheed and Jihad.
And we should not forget that the governments will try to start jihad and there will be flags it will raise and it will have scholars of evil who will aid them, so clarifying the flags is important in the coming phase.
Third: Media, financial and military preparation and directing the human units towards the battlefields to cover the deficiency in them.
Fourth: The exchange of information and experiences and filling of the Jihadi sites with information that is important for the mujahedeen in the battlefields.
Fifth: We should carry the responsibility of this Great War which shall bring together the Christians and Rafidah and their followers against the people of Islam.
O Allah we ask you guidance and correct direction
O Allah grant victory to the mujahedeen in your way everywhere
O Allah be for our brothers in the peninsula a support and aid
Abu Asmaa al Kubi
Jamadi Al Ula 4

Translated and Published by
Dar Al Murabiteen Publications
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