IslāmDīn presents a new video message from the United Wilāyah of Kabarda, Balkar, and Karachay of the Caucasus Emirate: "Shūrā of Wilāyah KBK's Sectors Amīrs"

NOTE: The following sector leaders are featured in the shūrā council: Walī and Amīr of the United Wilāyah of Kabarda, Balkaria and Karachay ‘Ubaydah, Amīr of the South-Eastern sector Khamzat, Amīr of the South-Western sector Abū Ḥasan, Amīr of the North-Western sector Khamzat, Amīr of the North-Eastern sector, ‘Abd al-Malik, and Amīr of the Central sector, ‘Umar.