English translation of an article from Sa'd Allah al-Balūchī: “Thirty-Six Hours Under A Hail Of Bombs” from Issue #65 of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s al-Ṣamūd Magazine

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An entire month ago in the month of Dhul Qa’dah, the Americans wanted to take control of the Dishu Barafsha district. They attacked this blessed spot but all of their odious conspiracies met with failure. This decisive battle left behind wonders and marvels which I have heard from the Mujahideen brothers. But I said I will
not record them until I discover them for myself from up-close. And Allah willed to give me the opportunity to receive a visit from the commander of that blessed battle. After dawn prayer on Tuesday, the 6th of Dhul Qa’dah, while I was treating the hand of the commander which he had injured in the battle and which had already been operated on a number of times, he related to me the details of that blessed battle.
The field commander and commander of the martyrdom-seekers in Nimroz province, al-Hafez Ghulamullah, one of the most famous Mujahideen in the region said: We had word that the Americans were approaching the area and I said to the Mujahideen: Each one of you must be in his trench. So I placed them in order and took a group of them to confront the enemy. But I kept back about 100 Mujahideen in the city.
Before the operation, I went to the group of martyrdom-seekers and arranged everything for them. We equipped them with mines, weapons, and explosive belts. After Salat al-‘Isha’, enemy aircraft came and many of the brothers had still not reached their trenches. So Allah sent clouds and it began to rain, continuing until the remaining Mujahideen had reached their trenches – Allahu Akbar! After the rain, the Americans began a heavy, random bombardment, and soldiers descended from helicopters into the marketplace which was the under the control of the martyrdom-seekers, who then began to carry out their operations one after the other, until I finally heard one of them say: “A Large group of Americans are approaching me.” Shortly after, I heard the sound of him exploding.
During this incident, reconnaissance aircraft and jet fighters were circling in the sky and it was not possible to go anywhere on the ground.
The rest of the Mujahideen were each fixed on their targets and not moving. The brothers would tell me about the miracles for the Mujahideen which they witnessed with their own eyes during the battle.
The bombing and fighting continued for about 36 hours and communications between me and the brothers were cut. I thought I was the only one left alive from this battle but, praise be to Allah, a large group of Mujahideen returned with me. 15 of the brothers were martyred, five of whom were from the martyrdom-seeking brothers, may Allah have mercy on them all.
As for the enemy, this battle inflicted huge losses on him and the Mujahideen were able to destroy 17 tanks and Humvee’s and more than 100 infidels.
Allahu Akbar! These fields of battle and struggle which always continue are filled with great feats and miracles and glorious deeds. Are you one of those rolling up your sleeves to go to these battlefields???
Translated From The Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan: Al-Somood Monthly Magazine, Issue # 65 (October-November 2011)