New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan's Qārī' Yusef Aḥmadī: "Remarks Regarding Attack on Courthouse in Farah"

That a courthouse is considered the standard for justice and equity as well as upholder of law and its orders in a Muslim society, therefore it is necessary, in respect of status of real courthouses, that we declare our position regarding courthouses of the Kabul administration:
On Wednesday, a well-trained group of Islamic Emirate carried out a thunderous strike in Farah provincial capital on multiple enemy complexes, key targets amongst which were the so-called provincial high court and military court. This planned attack was executed on the same day as a gathering was called in order to put to trial a few Mujahideen on charges of defending their religion and homeland. With this operation, the Islamic Emirate sent a clear message to the Kabul administration, its courts as well as its Judges and prosecutors that from now on, the valiant Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate, in revenge of our oppressed prisoners, will target those Judges and prosecutors who deliberately try to make the cases of Mujahideen weighty.  The real defenders of Islam and the nation (Mujahideen) who have sacrificed everything to oppose the invaders are tortured, kept in prisons for years on end and even mercilessly given the death penalty are all due to these cowardly, Kufr and occupation loving departments and personnel. These actions are carried out by these departments despite the many repeated warnings by Mujahideen. These so called Judges deliberately change the cases of Mujahideen from political to criminal, order heavy penalties for these pure Mujahideen and this process keeps ongoing, henceforth, the reaction of Mujahideen towards them will be serious and they will encounter all necessary and similar counter actions. The Islamic Emirate, from today onwards, will keep a close watch over courthouses, all its personnel and all those who try to harm Mujahideen and will deal with them the same as the Judges and prosecutors of Farah while those who are faithful towards Islam and the nation and lend a helping hand to Mujahideen will be treated with high regard, Allah willing.


Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Qari Muhammad Yousuf Ahmadi


15/01/1392         04/04/2013