New statement from the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan: "Regarding the UN Mandate to Extend the NATO Mission in Afghanistan"

Regretfully, the United Nations Security Council on Thursday extended the mandate of NATO mission in Afghanistan to continue the occupation of this country, spill the blood of Afghans, killings, vexing, bombardment, raids and savagery for another year. The Islamic Emirate reacts to the decision of the United Nations in the following points:

1.We strongly condemn the decision of the United Nations Security Council which extended the mandate of foreign NATO invaders to continue the occupation and killings in Afghanistan for one year.

  1. 2.Just as everyone of is aware that for the past 12 years, foreign invaders and especially NATO have been oppressing our countrymen, bombing their homes, unlawfully detaining, torturing and vexing people and have carried out various war crimes therefore the decision of the United Nations to extend the mission of the criminal NATO in Afghanistan for another year means that this organization will be directly responsible and involved in the future crimes of NATO and other foreigners due to them providing the approval.
  2. 3.We strongly reject the attitude which characterizes Afghanistan as a threat to the world. Afghanistan is not a threat and danger to anyone. Our history proves that problems have not been created for other nations from our soil but rather it is others who have aggressed against us from time to time and haveforced us into resisting in our own soil.
  3. 4.The foreign invaders which have aggressed against us under whatever cover and title have not been able to break the self-determination of our people nor have they achieved anything in the past twelve years hence the NATO invading forces will also not reach their selfish goals by extending their mission for another year. Without a doubt, the losses of NATO and other foreigners will only increase here and their troops shall continue to live under our unrelenting strikes.
  4. 5.We urge all free nations especially the Muslims of the world to condemn this step of the United Nations and to actively support the legal demands of the oppressed Afghans.


The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan


19/07/1392         11/10/2013