Jihadology presents Academic Journal Articles of 2013, Part III

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Francesco Cavatorta & Fabio Merone — Moderation through exclusion? The journey of the Tunisian Ennahda from fundamentalist to conservative party

Frans Wijsen — ‘There are radical Muslims and normal Muslims’- an analysis of the discourse on Islamic extremism

George Garner — Chechnya and Kashmir: The Jihadist Evolution of Nationalism to Jihad and Beyond

Gilbert Ramsay and Sarah Victoria Marsden — Radical distinctions: a comparative study of two jihadist speeches

Herman L. Beck — Beyond Living Together in Fragments: Muslims, Religious Diversity and Religious Identity in the Netherlands

Husain Haqqani — Islamists and Democracy: Cautions from Pakistan

Husain Haqqani — Islamism and the Pakistani State

Imran Awan — Muslim Prisoners, Radicalization and Rehabilitation in British Prisons

Irene Oh — Muslim Governance and the Duty to Protect

Jackleen M. Salem — Citizenship/Religious Expression in West: Comparative Analysis of Experiences of Muslims in France,Germany, and the United States

Jacob Hoigilt — Islamism and Education- The Nature and Aims of Islamic Schools in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Jacob Zenn, Atta Barkindo, and Nicholas A Heras — The Ideological Evolution of Boko Haram in Nigeria: Merging Local Salafism and International Jihadism

James D. Jacquier — An operational code of terrorism- the political psychology of Ayman al-Zawahiri

Jason-Leigh Striegher — Early detection of the lone wolf: advancement of counter-terrorism investigations with an absence or abundance of information and intelligence

Jennifer Mustafa — The Mujahideen in Bosnia- the foreign fighter as cosmopolitan citizen and/or terrorist

Jessica Davis — Evolution of the Global Jihad – Female Suicide Bombers in Iraq

Jessie Blackbourn — The UK’s anti-terrorism laws: does their practical use correspond to legislative intention? 

Joas Wagemakers — In Search of “Lions and Hawks”

Jose Liht and Sara Savage — Preventing Violent Extremism through Value Complexity: Being Muslim Being British

Justin Conrad and Daniel Milton — Unpacking the Connection Between Terror and Islam

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